A Community for Fractional Professionals


A Community for Fractional Professionals

Our mission at FPA is to support Fractional Professionals by providing a community where experts across functional disciplines can learn, collaborate, and share resources to help each other grow.

We believe surrounding yourself with a network of trusted peers, who also work in a fractional manner with businesses that recognize the value of leadership, is essential to developing referrals.

How We’re Unique.

Our focus on serving and supporting the needs of Fractional Professionals is what sets us apart from other associations and professional groups.

The value of this focus for our members is:

  • Advice, guidance, and practical solutions for growing a practice as a Fractional Professional.

  • Resources to learn, network, and access support vendors.

  • A public profile (coming soon) to add visibility and credibility to your business.

What We Are Not

It’s important to point out that FPA is not a buying group. We do not ask members to introduce everyone in the group to their clients. Instead, our members focus on helping each other solve problems, whether they be growing your practice or addressing specific needs or challenges of a client.

How You’ll Benefit.

  1. Meet peers across a wide range of functional expertise (E.g. Fractional CSO, COO, CMO, CTO, CHRO, CIO, etc.).

  2. Join in smaller Peer-to-Peer Group discussions to develop relationships.

  3. Learn from world-renowned business leaders and speakers.  

  4. Access support resources and exclusive offers from vendor partners.

How You’ll Benefit 

 Build Your Peer Network

✔ Access fractional professionals from every area of functional expertise.

✔  Tap into a unique community serving small and midsize businesses.

✔ Get advice to guide you in building your practice. And serve your clients.

Find Inspiration & Motivation

✔ Attend our monthly membership meeting.

✔ Learn from dynamic business leaders, authors and speakers. 

✔ Participate in peer-to-peer groups to build relationships.

Access Support & Resources

✔ Join our public directory of Fractional Professionals.

✔ Get found by companies searching for leadership and experts.

✔ Work with vendors that specialize in supporting growth of your practice.

$500 Yearly Membership

First Meeting Preview!

Preview your first members meeting or peer-to-peer group session free of charge.


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