• Janium provides an automated multi-channel lead generation and appointment setting solution to fill your pipeline with qualified opportunities.
  • Support packages from Janium retail starting at $1,500 per month per user.
  • FPA member pricing is $1,000 per month per user. A savings of (-$500) per month.
  • Janium will also offer multi-user discounts.
  • Click here to contact Janium and learn more.

Brand of a Leader

  • Marina Byezhanova, who was a prior speaker at one of our FPA member meetings, is an expert in personal branding. She has developed a unique a unique and powerful process and approach to personal branding that can help make your practice as a Fractional Professional stand out.
  • FPA members who work with Brand of a Leader in a Personal Branding engagement will receive a LinkedIn Profile Rebrand (currently priced at $795.00) at no additional cost.
  • To learn more about Brand of a Leader and their unique Personal Branding program, visit https://www.brandofaleader.com/fpa

Guided Outsourcing

  • Guided Outsourcing can recruit, screen, and secure a remote professional that is affordable, reliable, and dependable. These remote VA’s are based in the Philippines and can support your accounting, marketing or IT needs.
  • FPA members who source a VA through Guided Outsourcing will get a $1000 discount on the 1st month to any VA hires.
  • To learn more about Guided Outsourcing and their remote Virtual Assistant candidates, visit https://guidedoutsourcing.com/


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